With a home port in Barcelona, and destinations throughout the Mediterranean, Valiant Lady will feature three 7-night itineraries, setting sail in May of 2021.  Home to some of the world’s best beach clubs, night clubs and yacht clubs these itineraries, typically sailed by super yachts, will play host to Valiant Lady’s three different itineraries, all beginning and ending in Barcelona’s Wharf home placing Sailors within walking distance to everything this architecturally legendary, urban gem has to offer.

Our Aug 2021 BEAR VOYAGE itinerary offers a sampling of Spanish delights sailing from Barcelona to the shores of Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca. Sailors will then head for an overnight stay in the southern port city of Málaga, Spain and visit Gibraltar on the southernmost coast with a final overnight stay in Ibiza before returning home to Barcelona.  

In preparation for her new home, Virgin Voyages is partnering with Global Port Holding, the world’s leading independent cruise ship port operator, to refresh and recharge the Barcelona Wharf, a location, traditionally reserved by luxury liners and mega-yachts. All of Valiant Lady’s Mediterranean itineraries go on sale in December 2019 with each one spending overnights at the beach club mecca of Ibiza – it’s so much more than the typical shore excursion. 

Traveling with bravery, strength, heart, and power come naturally when traveling on the new cruise ship, Valiant Lady. We can already feel her courage and determination quite literally bringing the ship to fruition. Following in Scarlet Lady’s footsteps, we’re preparing for the Valiant Lady to be even more beautiful than expected. We’re looking forward to her completion, and no matter where she sails, we know Valiant Lady will exhilarate the Sailors’ that travel in her care. Bon Voyage! 

There’s been a vessel in the distance for some time. Another irresistible cruise ship, conceived of by the innovators at Virgin Voyages and styled by top global design teams. She’ll be brought to life by the master shipbuilders of Fincantieri in Genoa, Italy and will find home port for herself in Barcelona, Spain.

Benvenuta as they say in Italy, or welcome to Virgin Voyages ship number two; Welcome Valiant Lady! With a name, derived from the Latin term, valēre, meaning strong, vigorous and powerful, we can’t think of a better way to describe the leading mermaid gracing her bow, guiding us through the Mediterranean, on our first European cruise.

Inspiration for her identity combines folklore of the past while proudly ushering in traits of today. Historically, women have graced the bows of ships as symbolic figures of protection. But Valiant Lady embodies a new era where women don’t only represent a sort of figurative well-being for the ship, but also a quite literal one. 

From engineers to builders, marine tech to captains, Virgin Voyages ships are empowering female leaders to break through, and challenge conventions for women in the maritime world. Virgin Voyages proudly boasts leadership positions for women with the design, build, technical operations and captaining of Virgin Voyages cruise ships. Like them, our ship’s leading lady is quite, well, valiant.

 Ship 2 Valiant Lady Mediterranean CruisesVirgin Voyages new cruise ship which plans to sail in the Mediterranean with destinations throughout Europe.