I recently visited the HouseBears’ Lair to learn more about the guys, and, well, what being a HouseBear is all about. Leland and Scott are the duo behind The Real HouseBears of Cleveland. As Leland describes, it all started when he got Scott a shirt for his birthday a couple years ago. The shirt bore their familiar logo you see in the image. But it didn’t stop there. They took the logo, and brand, and decided to do something more with it. They wanted to inspire the gay community to be more inclusive, supportive of each other, and to just create some positivity within the gay community. And thus the HouseBears were born. They now use their HouseBear-ness to support a lot of great charities, including the Cleveland Animal Protective League, the Cleveland LGBT Center, and the Marsha P Johnson organization which supports black transgender women. Their Lair is full of dogs and cats that they have adopted.

The HouseBears have hearts of gold, and are genuine good guys. But it doesn’t stop there. They are also entertainers. They perform at various gigs, in their numerous costumes, raising funds for their charities and keeping their audiences entertained. When I asked Leland to describe their entertainment style, he said that they are “sexy-cheeky hot daddy bears, gogo dancing and stripping with eye catching lewks that show off our Bear Necessities!” And we are definitely looking forward to welcoming them onboard our Bear Voyages to see more that!

You can see the full interview with The Real HouseBears of Cleveland below.

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