Bear Voyages Valiant Lady Scavenger Hunt


1.  Get a pictrue of you and each of the items in the list below.

2.  You must be in every picture.  Pictures can be selfies.

3.  Post each pic on social media using the hashtag #bearvoyages

4.  Once you have posted all the pics, then come find me (Cap’n Dave) and tell me that you have completed the scavenger hunt.  We will look at your posts and confirm that you have completed them all.

5. The first one to tell me that they completed the scavenger hunt, and is verified to have posted all the pics, which comply with the requirements for each picture will be declared the winner and receive the prize.


Pictures for the photo scavenger hunt:

  1. Picture with a Virgin Voyages crew member
  2. Picture of “Shake for Champagne” being delivered to someone 
  3. Picture of a unique piece of art onboard
  4. Picture with the Real HouseBears of Cleveland
  5. Picture of/from the Runway
  6. Picture of a Karaoke performance at “The Groupie”
  7. Picture at a fitness class
  8. Picture with the DJ at “Voyage Vinyl”
  9. Picture of an outrageous “Scarlet Night” outfit
  10. Picture with some Honeymooners
  11. Picture of you pinching the “Nipple Ceiling”
  12. Picture of you and a group of bears in the mirrored entrance to “The Manor”
  13. Picture of you with 5 toy bears of the same color (bears are from the swag bags)