About Us


It’s a big wide world out there.  Let’s see it together.

Meet Dave

Hey Bears!  I’m Dave Fowlie, founder of Bear Voyages.

From an early age, I’ve had a desire to see the world. In my early school days, I remember wanting to visit all the exotic places we were learning about in history class. I remember a middle school class project where we were did tasks to earn resources to spend on various items, like a car, a house, etc.  Well I sunk all my hard earned resources into a World Cruise.  Too bad it wasn’t real, but I had that wanderlust and wanted to see the world.  This desire continued to grow as I went on to study foreign languages, even getting a degree from the Sorbonne in Paris. After college I worked for the Airlines and got to visit many of these places. It was such a great time in my life to be free to travel anywhere I wanted. To this day, I love exploring the world. I have an ever-growing bucket list and enjoy seeing what the world has to offer.

Dave Fowlie in a cruise ship pool with friends

I am also a member of the bear community. I started growing face fur in high school and had a full beard by college. I spent a lot of time in the gay cowboy scene in LA, until I found my way into the bear community. You could say I have a fur fetish.  I also love that the bear community is so welcoming.  These days I am sporting a glorious Viking beard, and love hanging out with my bear peeps. I love a diverse crowd and feel that the bear community supports anyone who just wants to hang out and have some bear fun.

So, in 2019, I started Bear Voyages, with the mission to travel to exciting destinations with my bear tribe, and to have fun along the way.  I believe that there is nothing better than setting out on an adventure while travelling with your tribe.

Currently I live in San Diego, California. I have a passion for travel and creating fun and unique travel experiences, having been in the travel industry for 15+ years.  I believe that travel enriches the soul, and why not have fun along the way.  Whether sipping wine at a vineyard in France, sleeping under the Northern Lights in Iceland, dancing all night at a club in Ibiza, or floating down the Russian River with a sleuth of Lazy Bears, there is a big, wide world out there that offers us a glimpse of how we are all different, yet we are all integral parts of this amazing planet we share.

At Bear Voyages we create fun and adventure, while travelling with your tribe.  We create welcoming experiences, where our guests can embrace who they are, while experiencing unique destinations and culture.  Giving back to our vast community is a core part of Bear Voyages. With every trip, we work with an LGBTQ+ charity to raise funds and awareness. 

Come join us on a Bear Voyage!

Dave Fowlie in cruise ship captain uniform